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brilliant blue Jun. 4th, 2014 @ 04:44 am
I just read all of our beautiful emails from 2005 where this page was mentioned. Goddamn it, I love you. I miss you so fucking much. I long for your contact in any way you can handle. If you ever happen back upon this page, please, reach out to me. Call me. You are safe, beloved.
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digits Nov. 14th, 2005 @ 05:46 pm

Whhoops. May. 17th, 2005 @ 12:27 pm
I've got nothin'

Just saw The Books last weekend and omg those guys are so addictive. I can't go a day without gettin a fix of them, I don't know what the deal with that is. The more i listen to them, the more I need. We sold some ovens and dishwasher and ebay relisted our mahogany formal table and entertainment center. We have no cabinets in our kitchen, save for the gas cooktop island. Our fireplace is ripped out, our living room has no floor, there are holes all over the walls. The house is insane. We are constantly trading off which two dogs we have at our house. One dog we own loves to stay at grandmas, and grandmas dog loves to stay with us, it's like exchange student dogs and is insane. Packing ovens is hard. Especially without materials. Our garage is full, I want it back. Cabinets couldn't be delivered because the city tore up all of our sidewalk and one of our driveway blocks--delivery service wouldn't walk around the wet cement and NEEDED to pull into our driveway. City will make us pay for the sidewalk. Delivery service will make us pay to reschedule delivery. Coming back from Chicago a SOMETHING BLACK AND HARD (*nancy kerrigan) hit my car and made me throw money at that. Blew out the driverside headlight and grill and bumper and side blinker. Other crap.
The roadtrip was still worth it with with sullen teenager nephew-we had a great time. Beat God-of-War. Good enough game for a rental. Um. I stop now.
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octiv Apr. 21st, 2005 @ 08:36 pm
The mac guys at work showed me this plugin for iTunes called VolumeLogic. It's basically a compressor/expander/dynamic enhancer. It does an amazing job at breathing new life into all music. Recommended: http://www.octiv.com/index.asp?content=vl_download_ituneswin

Otherwise I'm researching digital cameras for Tracey.

Nothing noteworthy elsewise today... sure there may have been some things juicy enough to update about, but those days are now in the past.

Gotta be to work an hour earlier tommorrow--i just typed that out loud to help me remember.
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refocus my chi Apr. 8th, 2005 @ 10:03 am
So, I think that last one was up too long.

Been busy with work.

Last Friday we went to Chicago, saw Praxis and I got to meet Bill Laswell backstage. Oz Fritz took me back there and I finally met him. Gigi was there. It was hard to have anything meaningful to say in a meeting-your-hero-backstage situation, and it was a clumsy few words and an autograph. It was great, still though.

We went back to the hotel, slept and then hit Ikea before we had to drive back to Detroit to see John Stewart. We made it, but were 15 minutes late. He was the funniest comedian I've seen live in a long time. Sad news about Hedberg. We were going to go see him last month, but after hearing a bootleg, he just wasn't good. It was a toss-up between seeing him or Brian Regan, so we bought Regan. I then was morbidly sick and missed the show anyway.

Father-in-law's coming out from Cali today and staying for the weekend.

Working on some Chevy spots. Bland.

OnStar finished up quite nicely. T-minus remained in the show.

Was playing a lot of Katamari Damacy, but just got Star Wars Lego the other day, and have been playing that. It's so fun. Don't know why I'm on a kick of cute & innocent games...

Can't wait for this sickness to finally leave.
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» shouldn't be this way
I'm feeling pretty angry right now.

Though I avoid doing what I don't want, I sure as hell don't do what I shouldn't. But I'm pretty convinced I need to start doing what I want regardless of someone else's opinion of it. The other day, my wife tried breaking into my internet banking account and caused it to lock itself up requiring a phone call to the bank to straighten it out. I came home today to find she'd torn the columns to the fireplace mantle from the wall (which is a nice match with the torn up floor, the hole in the wall from her mystery "wetspot" and the tattered kitchen) and after I yelled at her to stop tearing things up without fixing the other projects first, she stole my car.

Enough of that shit.
» oooooooooh

» pickin nose
pickin' nose, feelin' better, coughin' more
» (No Subject)
» tmbg
Tonight I'm taking the neh fews to see tmbg in Ann Arbor. Should be a fun night. We just found out about it last night, luckily enough. Unlike reading yesterday morning that MC Chris was in Ann Arbor the previous night. I've been hoping to see that kid for years. gott dayum. they look so much gott dayum da sayum.

The OnStar show is in legal review, so I'm here at work like yesterday doing nothing. I watched Sealab season 2 yesterday, I think today will be Wildboyz 1 unless Chris' PS2 is up and running. I brought my wireless controller. The icon below for "working" cracks me up, considering my week so far.
» Chicken Shack

For lunch no less.
An entry all unto its own.
» fishies
Stayed up last night with Tracey just being retarted. Some highlights were that we're going to make a spoof of the Dr. Scholl's "are you gellin'" commercials, but replace it with "Yellin'." Have a bunch of morons standing around yelling asking each other if they're also yelling. That cracked my shit up hard at 3:30am... in the daylight, comedic mileage may vary. There were a quite a few other gems, but they gone.

Today, Frank showed up at 9am to go to a fish auction. That was cool, haven't seen him in near a year, and actually haven't seen him without his wife in probably over a decade. But now it's early afternoon and the day is over. He bought a couple fish and sold some tanks and had to get back home to set em up. I don't think I could handle sitting around for that, so I ducked out. I know it was the wrong choice, but, feh.... got a little headache and just feel like catching up on lost sleep. I don't think I've ever been awake before 5pm on a Saturday anyway, so I've already earned my gold star for the day.

Tracey's left 3 voicemails already today, and each one has a different chore inside like some sadist-reverso-fortune cookie. One of them was asking me to "swing by the Aveeda store" and pick her up some frothy this-or-that... I didn't really listen. I'm turning the phone off before she asks me to pick up some kind of napkins of the sanitary persuasion.
» socal culb
Every first Thursday, the bosses make us drag our asses down to go stupid drinking out at the bar with clients. I'm so tired of it. I hate smalltalk. I can blather if I'm typing, but if it's trying stand there with a drink face to face, forget it. I can talk deep if it's someone who has the capacity for real discussion, but the whole friendly chatter I just have no tolerance for it. I can't even feign interest. Which is not to say I'm not interested in who I'm talking to as a person, just that I don't care to be speaking about, well, pretty much anything you'd talk about at a bar. So I just drink and smile and nod and drink and drink. It was so much more fun before it was scheduled. It was a bad day even before all the fun.
» done and doen
#1 no more goddamn thai food when I go out to Harrison TWP. That's the rule. NO MORE!

In the last 3 months, both of our parents have "discovered" thai food and they think to have it every time I visit-like I make the excuse. I get thai 3 times a week at work, so stop it. There are no mexican restaurants in all of Oakland County, so when I go eastside, I wants me some El Charro fer chrissakes...


#2 Jury duty was done yesterday. When I got home I was going to write about it, but I was unnaturally beat. Dead tired. I thought I was sick so I went to bed. The story was a lot more interesting hot off the presses, but today I'm bored with it. I have a 1.3 story-retelling tolerance, and it's been spent.

bah, whatever, I'm going for the effort:

Arrive at 8am. BLIZZARD, I figured it would have taken longer. (Curious side note, I stopped and left a Shit McMuffin from my own golden arches at the McDonalds en route. I would never purchase anything from ol' Ronny, but I have no qualms whatsoever about sharing my own product with them for free. Dollar menu my ass. Anyway, I had to leave earlier than my pipes were ready for, and that's just how it all worked out.) So I get there, wait 20 minutes for the unusually friendly and helpful juror corallers to brand us with hot irons and herd us up to our abatoire waiting area. Since this was all familiar from last time, I went and got set up in the most comfortable area I could see. Coat on chair, head on table, earphones on head. They spewed a litttle propheganda that went over as well as a flight attendant's safety instruction, and I proceded to fall asleep. BOOM crackle, and a list of numbers were called for round one. Back to sleep. Round two 45 minutes later somehow had my number in it. Didn't they know how this was supposed to work?

So we thrity-odd line up and head on in. Criminal trial they need 12 jurors and a spare. NOT IT! I called it. Different rules apply in court. Anyway they pick their twelve and explain this is a case about car theft. 3 or 4 or maybe 5 people are sifted from the jur-o-clump, and they think I should go up. I try pulling the "my uncle's a cop," "we've had an airbag stolen," "I'm doing a video for OnStar which deals with tracking stolen vehicles." Each time the judge, who seemed pretty cool, I'd like to hang with her, so to speak, asked me "well, will that affect your ability to make a rational and fair decision?" I can not tell a lie of course. I should've mentioned that I kill cops in GTA:SA and that I have in that context stolen many, many, many vehicles myself. ... hindsight.

So the trial begins, and I actually start getting pretty into it. Some guy from Taylor had his car listed in Trade-N-Times, says the defendant came to test-drive it, and through a big-ol scheme ends up dashing with his car. They call an undercover FBI task force dude who was patrolling motel lots and identified our man with the stolen vehicle with matching plates. We break for lunch.

So, I'm pretty convinced that the defendant really did steal this truck, and wondering what in the hell the defense is going to be, cuz it's going to blow me away if they can make a good enough case to believe.

We come back for lunch, they call up a local detective and go over her info. Something goes awry with her testimony because she brings up a fact that wasn't in her official report. They send us to the jury room for a few minutes, where I take another nap. The short break ends up taking an hour, and I appologize to the jury in case I was snoring. We are called back into the courtroom, and everybody has to rise for the jury--which felt pretty weird to actually experience it since I'm so often in "rising" position in my job. (That would be kickass if my asstant told clients: "Please rise for your editor" as I entered the room... I never knew my ego was that shallow.) So they tell us to ignore the statement from cop#2 and they go on. Next to the stand is the defendant, who, when asked to tell his story blurts out that he contacted the plaintiff with the intention of stealing his car.

My jaw drops, and I'm like, WTF are we doing here then? So after cross-examination, it turns out that we need to determine if this dude had the stolen car in Oakland County, or only in the county where it was stolen. I felt ripped off! The two lawyers gave their closing statements and the baliff got ready to ship us off to juryland. Oh, and by the way, since no one got sick or died during the trial, they needed to excuse one extra/alternate/spare juror to cut it down to 12. They randomly picked me and told me I was free to go. Judicious Interruptus. Blueballed by the legal system. I had to go home and masturbatorily pass judgement on random objects as I saw fit just to get it out of my system.

So now I'm clear from serving for another year at least, and topped-off with curry. I'm suprised at how many words were in me. I thought I was being brief.
» Joory Doodie
Tomorrow I've got Jury Duty.

I've had to go through this once before. Last time, I arrived at the 8:30 crew call as instructed, and sat une meh ayais for 6 hours. Then they said "go home." I hope to be as lucky tommorroww. I'd really rather not be a jew-roar simply because it's an 8:30 arrival time. Most days I'm lucky to be up at that hour. Yeah, sure, my normal work day starts at 9am, but that's the way you roll when you live an mile from work.

I'm charging up my ipod and clie and I'm looking at this as a snow-day that I have to drive to. I'm gonna play a lot of Texas Hold 'Me and spin toons and pretty much be as secluded as I wanna be under a big fat down coat and make suspicious eyes at anyone who wants to pick me for service. Think Ally Sheedy from the Breakfast Club. I'm gonna put powdered sugar in my hair for effect.
» will it continue
I think the most common entry on LJ is "I haven't updated in awhile, so here goes."

I'm rendering at work; thought I'd make an entry while I waited.

Render's done.

They've just released the true trailer for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (not just the teaser) and I think I'm excited about it.

Catch it here:


I like how they handled Zaphod's two heads... it looked completely stupid in the BBC version. I was figuring they'd plop a CG head on him for the entire movie which would've sucked as bad as Jar Jar. Arthur Dent looks like a total chump, though not as gangly as I pictured him in my head, but he looks very much the part. Though I haven't read the books in many years, it looks like they've taken licence with some of the story, so it seems it should be fresh. Cool. It comes out on Tracey's birthday. I think I know what I'm buying her.


Client's client liked 2084 in the graphic open, so it looks like that will live. I'm happy to be giving Yort both some funds and exposure. I wanted to do that so badly for a long time.
» chuggin
Spent the weekend with my fam on Saturday. Went with Madison to "Shop at O" which is Target. fun.

Sunday was with Nick at his house. We cleaned up Legos - all day.

I'm burning CDs now, and thought I'd update while burning. Something new, and I don't know if it's happened before since switching to onboard sound, but I can hear the high-pitched whine of the disc motor through my speakers. I don't think Debussy intended that sound in there, so it may have stuck out more this time than when I'm listening to the typical Morr Music type of selection. Anyway, it's a new problem, and I'ma gonna hafta fix it.
» friday
Done with work. I was worried about this onstar show not having enough b-roll, but I asked Kimberly to go through it with me scene by scene and commit to what coverage we can use. It was very helpful cuz I was panicing a bit about dealing with it closer to deadline. There are shots we don't have, but at least we know about them now, and they've been addressed.

Yesterday, she proclaimed that today would be hat day, and it was. It was pretty cool all of us in E4 with hats on. I like the beret. I wore it with my fleece Softimage|DS vest. It's too warm in here. Contrast that to my 62degree house. It's a wonder I don't crack in half switching between the climes.

DS wouldn't launch again today, had to reinstall it again. Sent an email to support asking if they needed another week or if i should throw the box in the trash. I got a response from Sylvain with some suggestions, and will try them next time this happens. He also gave me some preventative tweaks, which I'm doing tonight before I leave work. One of which is installing SP2. They hadn't cleared it for installation til recently, so I'm waiting for the download. This is a good diversion.
» transfer

just migrated into my MrBeefy account... much better.

my hands are cold.

shout outs to J-Bro... and... uh... that's it.
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